We found our HAVEN one sunny afternoon when Yoga/Lifestyle Innovator Chrissy Carter invited us to lunch at her divine apartment in Jersey City. Learn more about how this creator finds her HAVEN every day.


"This or That" with Chrissy Carter 

Sun or rain?

Vinyasa or yin?

Paris or Provence?

Bake or grill?

Guacamole or hummus?

Flats or Heels?

To bed early or up late?
Up late!

After a delicious meal of avocado toast, arugula salad and french rosé, we sat down with Chrissy to get to know who she really is and how she finds her HAVEN in her H(OM)E®.


How did you find your way to Jersey City?
“My first job out of college was in Jersey City. I worked as a Sales Trader on Wall Street, and the Trading Floor was in Jersey City. I initially lived in Hoboken and then found my way over here about 13 years ago. I love it! It’s grown so much. It’s evolved so much. But I still love my neighborhood, I love my neighbors, I love the energy!”

What’s your favorite way to spend a Saturday?
“My favorite way to spend a Saturday would be to drink my coffee in my bathrobe for as long as possible. Then, I’d go for a walk around the neighborhood, maybe to a flea market, and get inspired by the city. After that, I’d go to my local farmer’s market and get some food, so I could come home, open a bottle of wine and cook a great meal.”

What’s your favorite part about what you do?
“My favorite part is creating a space where people feel at home with themselves, where they can be who they are and accept who they are. I like to cultivate that space and help people navigate through their yoga and life practice. I love inspiring others to look within.”

What’s your local hangout?
“My couch. My living room. My kitchen!”

What’s your guilty pleasure?
“Chocolate is my major indulgence.”

Which HAVEN piece do you live in?
“I love all of the stuff I put on today, but essentially, I live in the Creative Pants and Camille Tie-Back Tank!”

Tell us, what are you interested in right now?
“I’m really interested in the creative process right now. I’ve always been a creative soul, but to see it come alive in my business is really satisfying for me. I love that I can write the rules to my career and blend all of my passions together. For a long time, I followed what I thought was the path of a yoga teacher only to realize that true fulfillment can only come from following your heart. Incorporating photography, cooking, design and writing into my teaching and my practice pulls it all together for me. By living outside of the lines, I’m able to be my true self.”

What is yoga to you?
“I think we come into yoga with a lot of expectations. Yoga is honestly about meeting yourself where you are and as you are. If you can be vulnerable and honest, that’s advanced yoga to me.”

Learn more about Chrissy Carter at http://chrissycarter.com