Meet Kyle Freeman, HAVEN’s yoga instructor who will be guiding us with daily yoga tips during the 21 duration of the #havencollectivepromise . She is a wonderful shining personality who is born and raised in the south and polished her career as an architect in New York. Now she practices and teaches yoga full-time as a way to extend her love of space and mindfulness to help others realize their optimal creative self.

What do you love about Haven Collective’s Yogawear?

My body shape is such that I have a large chest and a small waist, which means I have a hard time finding tops that fit my upper body and taper to my waistline. HAVEN’s clothes solved all of these issues and gave me a great fit. I feel “armored” for the day – like I have a layer that makes me feel very secure and peaceful about what I’m wearing.

I love them because I don’t have to think about my clothing and what they are doing. I believe it is important to feel comfortable and confident in your clothes. I also love the materials they use. The clothing actually feels good on my skin, like a second skin.

What are your favorite HAVEN pieces?

I loved the blue bamboo gala tank and the navy contour legging, these went up really nice and high.

My other favorite is the black bamboo bartlett tank because it cuts in at the arms and really covers your chest while cinching at the wait – but not too tight – so I can enjoy a meal and not worry about it! I wear black a lot and I complimenting their black with a soft light blue. These sweet colors help me bring a little bit of softness into the room.

For fun, I enjoy the creative pant – because it comes up high on the waist allowing you to feel really mobile.

What are common challenges you hear yogi’s face in their practice?

A lot of people have trouble letting go of their “narrative/storyline” or stuff from the day, which makes it hard for them to disconnect and use their yoga practice to get space.

How do you recommend they overcome them?

I almost always recommend (pranayama) breathing practices to help people quickly let go and drop in. I also recommend Kapalbhati breathing to oxygenate the brain – you’ll see results instantly!  

What is one word of inspiration from for this week?

The word I would focus on is Imagination, because before you can make changes, you really have to visualize what you want. I talk a lot about vision and imagination…I also think that helps my students avoid getting too stuck. I encourage you to use your imagination to visualize where you want to be so you can become the person who will be there.

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