Daily Health Tip | Ginger

Our dear friend and Ayurvedic specialist, Taylor Neal, will be joining us in the ‪#‎havencollectivepromise‬ by providing daily health tips! See below for Taylor's first tip... GINGER!

"She was my favorite cast member in Gilligan's Island, and I loved to watch her dance with Fred Astaire: Ginger as a nutritional supplement is just as lovely. Ginger has everything from anti-inflammatory properties to micro-circulatory properties that eliminate problems in the sinuses and also throat. One of the most important factors in our sweet little Ginger is to know that it provides proper assimilation and absorption of essential nutrients and also how this gem heals the tummy with nausea, stress related nervousness and also that awful word... stomach bug and all the ailments that tag along with that bad girl. Perhaps there may be moody or blue symptoms in the bedroom during Kapha (winter) season….our leading lady also co-stars as a natural aphrodisiac. Here are a few ways to include Ginger in your daily routine: 
1. Steep fresh Ginger in just below boiling water for about 15 minutes, sip and feel it soothe your entire being,
2. Use Ginger Essential Oil (I get mine from www.youngliving.org) in a hot steamy bath and feel the anti-inflammatory properties heal your aching body and also provide an uplifting atmosphere…for ummm…hummmm…
3. Chew on a piece of fresh Ginger to relinquish flight nausea or any other type of nervous tummy matters.


For questions or concerns or more information on Young Living Essential Oils contact Taylor at fourcornersyoga1@gmail.com


Daily Yoga Tip | Triangle Pose

A good trick to guide yourself into a better framework in your Triangle pose is to use your imagination and visualize your body sandwiched in between two panes of glass. This visual will help align your top shoulder directly over your bottom shoulder and top hip over bottom hip.


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