Daily Health Tip | De-mystifying the Detox

Ayurveda has a ancient practice for detoxing the body that involves five purificatory practices called Pancha Karma. These are blood cleansing, nasal remedies, therapeutic enemas (basti), purgatives - especially for Kapha's and emetics. These are wonderful procedures, but are highly recommended under the care of an Ayurvedic Practitioner. Not something I would recommend to the newly blossoming Ayurveda lover or someone on the go 24/7. 
When I began my road to perfect health I was armed with a 6 week detox from a local Chiropractic Neurologist that included so many supplements and powders that I had to clean a shelf off in my kitchen cabinet to provide shelter for my detox items. I did not ingest caffeine, sugar, eggs, dairy, meat or gluten and gained 20 lbs! The only reason I did not explode on innocent bi-standers is that I found my way back into a yoga class. Several weeks later I was headed to the jungle for my RYT 200 - a perfect saving Grace. A few short months later I was introduced to Dr. Natura's colon cleanse. where I saw some improvements, but also I managed more weight gain, and still did not feel good. I continued the recommended path for a total colon cleanse period of three (3) months. At the end, to say I was pooped out is an understatement. Still, no weight loss. I was completely gluten free, had given up alcohol completely, was working out with a trainer and teaching four yoga classes a week and still…no weight loss. I was 184 at my highest weight with the majority of the weight distributed in my core, lower abdomen, hips and thighs! All cortisol related to stress, etc. 
Finally, I was properly introduced to the 28 day clean living challenge/Detox Bootcamp by Arbonne. Delicious recipes and grocery lists came attached to a huge support group filled with Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Stay-at-Home moms and little ole' me! 
I have found that the key to a detox involves two main factors: Internal and external stigma. What is going on in the body? medicines, lifestyle, medical history and what is going on outside? environment, lifestyle and eating habits. The Arbonne Detox- a vegan and gluten free product- (the whole company, too!) provides the probiotics and digestive enzymes to maximize support your body needs in the intestines to properly melt away toxic goo and un-wanted fat. Without this factor your body can not properly "detox" because it is too busy hanging on to fat to protect the body. Also, a energy fizz stick to replace your need for the coffee, energy drinks and heaven forbade, the diet soft drinks. 
In traditional Ayurvedic philosophy the best times to do a detox for your body is in the fall and spring, and is done to purify the body not only for Asanas but also, meditation by preventing toxins from building up in the body. I discovered in my first 28 detox with Arbonne in June (gasp!) I lost 17 pounds and felt better than I have in years! I used the Ayurvedic Clock. Ate my largest meals at lunch and drank my delicious shake at night. Not one time did I feel hungry or "starved." My blood pressure was within a few points of my doctor completely agreeing to take me off medicine that I have had to take for years. I say all this to offer you a quick link to the best thing you will ever do for your body and also save yourself the stress and MUCH money! I spent thousands getting to this point! Plus, it is safe to begin whenever you are ready!
I am offering this encouragement and urge you to inquire more about this fabulous detox -- that will ultimately change the way you view food and provide a brand new body for you take up shop in the rest of the year. I want to also a provide a service to rejuvenate the muscles, bones, nerves and mind. This is a modern and super helpful program for anyone that has struggled with migraines, many nerve disorders, arthritis, high cholesterol or high blood pressure and diabetes --- oh, yeah, and it is SUPER affordable! Pay it Forward.

Do the Detox!


For questions about how to "do the detox" contact Taylor @ fourcornersyoga1@gmail.com


Daily Yoga Tip | Plow pose

Fold into yourself with this version of plow pose and help flush your kidneys. Come into plow and spread your feet hips width distance apart. Bend your knees so that your legs frame your head. Reach your hands back and wrap them around your heels. Get a good grip there. Breathe into your low to mid back area for about 2 minutes. Stay in the pose longer if your body allows! This is an amazing pose to reverse the effects of sitting all day.


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