Style is a practice in self-expression

It’s about not just understanding what you love, but why you love it. My style has changed so much over the years, from shabby chic to relaxed traditional to modern farmhouse—I feel like my home is constantly evolving along with me. Paying attention to those changes ultimately teaches me so much about the person I’m becoming. It connects me to the H(OM)E® within.





The one constant is curating a space that feels spacious, open, and full of possibilities. I create a lot of little still lifes around my apartment; they’re like little alters that celebrate the things I love. I’m always changing them, playing around with the composition, creating and letting go— it helps me see my things, but really my life, from a different perspective. 


Whether it’s a treasure from my travels, a beloved book, or just an everyday object, they pull together to tell a story—my story.


There’s an opportunity for mindfulness when we take a moment to appreciate the simple things. 


These little vignettes invite me to pause and breathe. And while my meditation practice is a lifeline in the choppy waters of my mind, my home is my true haven.