1. You are a dancer and pure barre instructor - where did you study and how does dance influence your Pure Barre Classes?
My dad has always said I didn't start walking, I started dancing. Literally, I walked around on my tip toes when I learned how to walk. Movement and music have always just made sense to me. I grew up studying classical ballet at Grand Rapids Ballet School, in Michigan. My passion for moving then followed me to college, where I received my Bachelors in Dance at Grand Valley State University. Having such a strong dance foundation has helped me understand how powerful a driving force music can be for motion and motivation. Music has the ability to take any movement, and almost make it feel like a dance party when you close your eyes. It's all about finding your groove, and moving to the beat. I influence my classes around the music. Close your eyes- and you will lose yourself in the music.
2. What moves you?
Music. Anything from Philip Glass and Claude Debussy on those rainy Brooklyn days, to rocking out to Lady Gaga and Whitney Houston on a girls night out.
3. How does NYC inspire you?
I am a very eager person. NYC has really satisfied me in a way that their is always something new to experience, try, eat and enjoy. The opportunities here are endless- and that alone is inspiring. It keeps me wanting, learning, and hungry for more.
4. Where do you love to eat in Brooklyn?
I love anything brunch. Honestly, who doesn't? My most recent favorite places are Sweet Chick (they have the best bloody mary, it's topped with a piece of caramelized bacon-yum!), Anella in Greenpoint, and I am always satisfied at Egg. Their brioche french toast is just a treat. I kind of LOVE food.
5. In your diet - what nourishes you most?
Breakfast is really important to me, and in a way it nourishes me on a deeper level because it has become somewhat of a ritual. My life is always on the go, so having that time when I wake up to fuel myself, is important to me. First, and foremost, coffee- it gets my gears rolling. I have found eggs to really satisfy me all day, so lately I have been making homemade egg and cheese sandwiches on an english muffin. I always make sure to sit down and take a moment to savor the goodness of homemade food.
6. If you would encourage your students to purchase one piece from HAVEN - what would it be and why?
The 7/8 sculpt leggings, no doubt. The fabric is just fabulous. Light weight, airy, supportive, and not distracting when working out. I can't stand it when leggings slide down ( aka sag nation-it's just not cute), but with the sculpts, you don't have to worry. They don't fall down and they hug you in all the right places. The 7/8 sculpt leggings perform the best for you, allowing you to perform your best in class.
7. Where do you find your HAVEN?
Back home in Michigan, we have a country house that my brothers built. I love it there. It's a place full of light, country air, crickets, and at night you can really see the stars in the night sky. Add in my family, a Dan Brown book, my fur babies and it would be just that; my haven. It's kind of a magical place for me. ​