We met up with the dynamic mother and daughter duo behind the YogARRE craze taking the Hamptons, Tina and Nina Catanzaro! Learn more about these Quogue locals and how they find their HAVEN in and out of the studio!

1. Beach or Mountains?
       BEACH. Always. Forever. 

2. East or West?
We are East Coast girls! However, the West Coast holds a very special place in our hearts --- some of our fondest memories are from our girls trips to Arizona. 

3. Yoga or Barre?
YogARRE of course!... our hybrid class that combines the best of both worlds: yoga and barre. 

4. Rosé or Champagne?
Us Itlalian girls prefer our red wine (Tina makes her own!) 

5. Flats or Heels?
Heels for sure... especially at the barre ;)
6. How did you find your way to Quogue?
Quogue has always been our favorite town. It is the hidden gem of the Hamptons and being residents
of Westhampton, we love the tight-knit community that surrounds us as well as the amazing people
who live here. 
7. What is your favorite part about owning a family business?
The best part?! There are so many great parts but we feel the BEST is that we get to see each other and have fun together every single day. It doesn't get much better than working with your best friend. 
8. What’s your local hangout?
Gathered around the kitchen table at one of our family members' houses surrounded by our loved ones. 
9. What’s your guilty pleasure?
Our weekly blowouts. Hands down. 

10. What’s the can’t-miss class at Big Buddha?
Our signature class, YogARRE, that we created and trademarked. It is a full body burn but also such a fun,
uplifting class for the mind and spirit!

11. Which HAVEN piece do you live in?
Although the Camille and the leggings are staples in both of our wardrobes, the waffle knit pullover is the perfect and most chic layering piece for our post-workout adventures.


Visit Tina and Nina at their studio Big Buddha Yoga and Barre