“She was beautiful, for the way she thought. She was beautiful, for the sparkle in her eyes when she talked about something she loved. She was beautiful, for her ability to make other people smile, even if she was sad. No, she wasn't beautiful for something as temporary as her looks. She was beautiful, deep down to her soul. She is beautiful.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald 

Every photo shoot that I have been to over the last 15 years has revealed something about beauty to me. It is always the character of a person that shows through in an image.

A few weeks ago when we were shooting our own images for HAVEN we cast 4 women, each different, each beautiful.  And every time we cast we know that we are looking for something that makes us smile, a genuine light that shines through.
I am so proud to have Molly, Emma, Jennie and Maria wearing our clothes and representing our spirit. True, they are gorgeous women but we chose them because they support our mission to widen the lens on beauty, to remind us that age and size are impermanent but humor and kindness are timeless.
Special shout out to Photographer Tom Hayes and Creative Director Amir Zia for sharing in our fun days and creating an environment where we can create and enjoy!
xx ­– ts
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