Jillian and I went west this month visiting friends and hosting two amazing events in California and Washington. As we left the bright sun and warm days of Manhattan beach we were conscious of the change in climate and how Autumn was setting in on the incredible Whidbey Island.

What became apparent was the impact of the Vata Season, "ayurvedically" speaking. Fall is the season where Air is dominant, it is the driest of the year and the impact of that dry air can impact your skin, hair, digestion and mood.

If you think about the dry leaves blowing about you can imagine the need to counter that with some grounding techniques as well as restoring moisture to skin and hair.  I really like the way

MINDBODYGREEN.COM approaches solutions for this Vata Dominant season.

They break it down into three simple considerations, and these were my takeaways, however we have included the link below so do give it a read.

Diet: eat grounding foods, cooked veggies vs. salad

Movement: make sure you are creating heat, be active but grounded

Lifestyle: Take computer breaks, walk away and focus on the breath 

I'll also be layering on my moisturizer and hair conditioner! 

xx ­– ts

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