Daily Health Tip | Ayurveda and me

"Over a decade ago when I discovered Ayurveda in a "Natural Health" magazine quiz, I was immediately intrigued. I have always been one to seek out knowledge and information to better understand my quirky parts of being me. By cluing in to certain aspects of my body constitution-- like the color of my eyes, bone structure, and how easily I wake in the morning, I am able to comprehend why I am not a morning person, and why organization of lists of all goings on is not OCD, rather simply what I am composed of --a perfect blend of fire and earth or Pitta-Kapha. Everyone is composed of one of three (or a perfect blend of all three) doshas -- Vata (air, space, creativity, the mover and shaker of things) Pitta (fire - metabolism, digestion, the achiever & go-getter) and Kapha (earth, solidity, a grounding force) For example, we all have that one full Kapha friend that when she says she's on her way she is really just now climbing out of bed? To a mainly Pitta dosha this can be terribly painful to wait for, but to our sweet Kapha friend's credit -- she is moving our way! By knowing my own dosha I know what foods are toxic for my body, when to avoid raw foods and indulge in roasted veggies instead and also provide a time frame for the day to enjoy them at the peak digestion. (pitta time of day is form 10 a.m. -2 p.m.). I also modify my yoga practice to either motivate or relax my body, mind and spirit depending on the time of day and current season. Life is complicated. Keep it simple. Know your dosha. "


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Daily Yoga Tip | Sukhasana

Sit in Sukhasana or Virasana. Take the arms overhead and interlace the fingers, pointer fingers long. Visualize a line of energy dropping from the sky, into your pointer fingers, down your spine, and out through the center of your seat rooting you into the earth. Revolve around this centerline. Inhale (through the nose) and twist left. Exhale (through the nose) and twist right. Add a little speed!


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