Daily Health Tip | Reduce the sensory: Increase the sleep

I am not sure if I am the only one out there that loves a good nights sleep -- but I have struggled to get the point where I can honestly say, "yes, I slept well last night." 
Truth is we live in a Vata induced world these days -- where multi-tasking is almost passé when it comes to skills--it is now survival. 
From desktop to laptop to iPad with several checks of the smartphone throughout the day, the brain gets quite the stimulation. The key is to completely eliminate all activity of the pineal gland which is responsible for producing melatonin for our bodies well before bedtime. What does that include? Television, all computer/notebook screens and smartphones. Lights in the screens of these devices continually "poke" the pineal gland to keep up work and therefore robs the mind and body of deep REM sleep because it spends several hours after I go to bed shutting down open files. 
What to do? Shut it all down at least one hour before bedtime, play relaxing music, diffuse a relaxing essential oil (I swear by Peace & Calming from Young Living) and read a magazine or actual paper book instead of in the notebook/iPad if one is accustomed to reading or watching TV before bedtime. Invest in a white noise sound machine if giving up TV as "background noise." Make sure the bedroom is dark and that the bed is comfortable --(if the mattress is over 8 years old, its time to invest in a new one!)

Take two nights of this and call me in the morning! Happy Sleeping!!


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Daily Yoga Tip | Vrksasana

Establish your roots and grow tall in Tree pose (Vrksasana). Find your centerline by pressing your foot into your inner thigh and your inner thigh into your foot. Travel down along your centerline and feel your foot grounding firmly into the earth. “Grow” back up along your centerline and feel the very top of your head lifting up towards the sky.

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