Daily Health Tip | Tumeric

"My first and most authentic testimony for turmeric was years after I ingested it in delicious curries, sauces and other tasty dishes. Long after I had read that its cleansing and purifying benefits of the blood decrease toxic waste in the colon and decrease inflammation in the body. Many moons after it was recommended to remove toxins from my gall bladder and liver to normalize blood pressure. The healing came for me just after I felt the fever kick in, my glands were red and swollen, and my throat pained me to even think of swallowing air, much less anything with sustenance. I was--alas---compromised with a "traumatic release of stagnant energy and dis-ease in the body" or what some might call the flu. When I say sick - it just does not do it any justice. Still today I will not claim that 5.5 bed-ridden day threshold as any thing more than a terrible time in the ditch. What saved me in the final days was turmeric. Thankfully, about a month or two prior I added a bottle in my Banyan Botanicals order at checkout, because it just popped up on my screen - it is always like that, right? Here I am!! You need me!! So I had purchased a small bottle of turmeric and it was stuck in the back of my refrigerator. My body ached with such ferocity that I would have gladly taken an over the counter pain/fever reliever (that shall remain nameless, but it is blue, and gel and works very well but pollutes the body with toxic waste that takes up shop in the intestines, liver and kidneys), but I had none in my home. My fever would spike to 202, then it would break and I would begin the vicious cycle all over again -- by body was officially compromised. I started drinking 30 drops of turmeric mixed with water every hour on the hour during the infamous "3rd day" and finally found relief. There are claims that even cancer patients that incorporate turmeric begin to see greater capacity for healing. I am no doctor--not even close, but Turmeric is a must and will replace other toxic pain/ fever reducers in your medicine cabinet for times when our immune system is busted. Turmeric is also fabulous for "the headache" and cramping of monthly menses for women."


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Daily Yoga Tip | Standing forward fold

This gentle standing forward fold or “hang” can be very beneficial in the morning or at the beginning of your practice. Bend the knees a little (important!) and drape the upper body over the legs. Folding into this pose sometimes “highlights” a lot of neck and back tension you carry around. Don’t panic! Relax and consider the discomfort a message to breathe deeper and an opportunity release stuck energy.

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