Daily Health Tip | Liquid Gold - the mighty mighty lemon water

Ayurvedic philosophy emphasizes routine and discipline in the daily realm to promote well-being by making conscious choices to either promote resistance to disease or to wipe it out completely. Morning rituals work to create harmony with nature, to energize the body, and to balance the doshas. By doing these rituals self-esteem, self-discipline and self-awareness are heightened. One of the easiest ways to incorporate Ayurvedic principles into your life is to drink warm lemon water first thing in the morning. (well, after you scrape your tongue and brush your teeth--lemons are acidic and we like our tooth enamel!!) 
Warm lemon water has a variety of pros for the body but here are my top 10: 
1. Completely hydrates your lymphs and entire body - This will get the wheels rolling and provide a safe harbor for your organs to properly function, 
2. Brings your body up to about a 8 or 9 on the alkaline level and completely PH balances all of our systems, 
3. Aids digestion,
4. Boosts Immune System,
5. Energizes body and regulates mood ---IT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD! 
6. Clears skin - Vitamin C works with the other balancing factors to rejuvenate the skin. Good vibes from the endocrine system cause skin to glow! 
7. Promotes wound healing,
8. Freshens breath,
9. Acts as a diuretic - removes toxins from lymph, spleen, gall-bladder, stomach and liver, and….. 
10. Aids in Weight loss!! BOOM!

If you only did one thing for your body this year, adding warm lemon water to your morning routine will greatly improve your well-being. I would hope that within a week the entire digestive system will have changed for the better. I saw significant improvement within a day or two. I just can not say enough good things about this simple liquid gold!


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Daily Yoga Tip | Butterfly pose

Winter is the season for folding inwards and reflecting. Try this more restorative version of butterfly pose. Move the heels further away from the groin so you have a diamond shape in the legs and use a block to support your forehead. Inhale through the nose and as you exhale hum. The vibrations from humming will gently massage your head and help quite your mind for a few minutes of reflection.

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