Photos by: Molly O'Keefe // Debbie is wearing our new Contour Tank and Active leggings from the Fall Collection (coming soon!)


Debbie Workman is a huge inspiration to us here at team HAVEN. She is an amazing entrepreneur, running two successful businesses (Pure Light Yoga and DeBeen Espresso), mom, yogi, and a beautiful person inside and out.  She was one of the earliest supporters of HAVEN Collective and continues to support us and help us grow.  For all of these reasons (and many more!) she is HAVEN's yogi of the week! OH -- and yes, that is very exclusive sneak peek of our new Fall Collection she is rocking in these photos!

Without further adieu....get to know Debbie!


HC: What's your personal anthem / "go-to" song when you want to be inspired?
DW: There are so many songs to choose from! A lot of the songs I am listening to lately are definitely more for the love of the music rather than the lyrical message. For example, There are several songs that really move me like Last Chance and Disarm You (feat. Lesley) both by Kascade, Say My Name (feat. Zyra) by Odesza and Gold by Kiiara.
The music and the lyrics of Return to Innocence by Enigma help me to connect with in. Whatever the task, trial or tribulation that may be on any given day, this song helps to inspire and go deep with in to find the inner peace to help get through. It's also an incredibly beautiful song to flow to!

Debbie's wearing: White Prima Wrap + Black Contour Leggings 

HC: Who would you love to see on the mat practicing next to you? (dead or alive, anyone!)

DW: Tao Porchon-Lynch hands down. She is an inspiration to me and I want to follow in her footsteps with my personal Yoga goals and the fact that that she is an incredible Latin dancer is just icing on the cake!


Debbie is wearing our new Contour Tank and Active leggings from the Fall Collection (coming soon!)

HC: Where is your personal haven?

DW: My personal Haven is in my cafe DeBeen Espresso where 18 years ago all of my visions started to come alive. After being able to raise my children at work with the loving support of our local community and passing through several business phases including furniture and accessories, interior design and fabric sales with Adesal Jacquards, a 50 year old fabric mill in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the fall of 2011, I decided to clear out all the physical clutter and open Pure Light Yoga, our thriving little yoga studio nestled inside of DeBeen.

For the past 18 years, we have worked to build a family friendly establishment in our community where everyone is special and important when they walk in and out of our doors. I'm so happy to say, we have finally made it happen and the vision has come alive! My DeBeen team and phenomenal  PLY yoga Instructors and family at Adesal Jacquards are my Haven! 


Debbie's wearing: Black Contour Leggings

HC: You are off for a week long yoga retreat, what's your go-to haven piece you are packing?
DW: My Asymmetric top of course, all of them! In the near future, it will be the new racer back tanks with the built in bra... The 2 pieces will pair beautifully.  


Debbie's wearing: Dove Grey Asymmetric

HC: If physical practice inspires your body, who/what inspires your mind and spirit?
DW: My beautiful family of Pure Light Yoga Instructors: Karen Altenpohl, Noell Stevens, Tony Parra, Jamie Forbes, Jose Sanchez and Leahann Bowen-Schmitt inspire my mind and spirit! On any given day during the busiest of times, I can step into our studio, pause and regroup for the remainder of the day. The mindfulness aspect that each instructor brings to class wipes my slate clean and renews my outlook on all the tasks at hand. I am able to accomplish tasks at a high performance rate with the assistance of my close friends and cafe managers, Caley Redden and Sarah Kephart. I am grateful everyday to have this opportunity and balance all under one roof.
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If you are in High Point, be sure to swing by for Yoga and a coffee or Tea! If you aren't able to visit them in person, follow their fun and inspiring daily posts on Facebook and Instagram!


DeBeen Espresso and Pure Light Yoga
709 W Lexington Ave
High Point, NC 27262




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