Purchase a $30 HAVEN Found Tee to help support the Weldon FOP Research Fund

Photo by:  Joey Kuhn


We've asked HAVEN's favorite experts and influencers to give us their tips in finding their HAVEN through the Holidays and as we Ring in the New Year!

We kick off this campaign our own incredibly talented Photographer Anna Kooris



Anna Kooris


I'm originally from Austin, TX, but currently live in Brooklyn, NY.

 Purchase a $30 HAVEN Found Tee to help support the Weldon FOP Research Fund Photo by: Joey Kuhn

I find my HAVEN in breath. One thing I've come to realize after years of doing yoga (and a recent scuba diving trip), is how much I take breathing for granted. It is our life force, physically, of course, but can bring so much unexpected physical and emotional release if you take a moment to pause and just breath. This is something yogis figured out a very, very long time ago, but its nice to be reminded of it. 

My survival tip for the holiday season is something my dad used to (and still does) remind me do when I got overwhelmed: Take 3 deep breaths. And keep breathing. Let out an audible sigh or flutter your lips as you exhale. Even if it feels silly, it relaxes the muscles in your jaw and around your mouth where people frequently hold tension without realizing it. 



Photo by: Joey Kuhn 

Anna is wearing the "HAVEN Found Tee" $5 of every tee sold, will  be donated to a cause that is near to our hearts, the Weldon FOP Research Fund. Whitney Weldon is our intern here at HAVEN HQ and we are supporting her fund in researching and curing her genetic disease, FOP.
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