Daily Health Tip | Breakfast of Champions

Ayurveda provides the body with a common sense approach for the waking hours. Just as the word suggests, break- fast, this is a time of very slow digestive juices as our bodies have been busy working to process left over food matter through the night thus, fasting has occurred for at least 7 hours. (we hope, see my Day 4 for suggestions on deeper sleep) Although you may wake with a growling belly, this is actually more detox and elimination symptoms of the body's digestion process. Hunger is a deep desire in the back of the throat and produces excessive saliva to properly break down food. The idea is to wake up, and slowly introduce food and drink through out the morning to arrive at peek digestion time - 10 a.m.- 2 p.m., which is the ideal time to have your largest meal of the day. A great way to provide your body with the nutrition it needs for breakfast is through a vegan protein shake. There are a lot of gnarly ones out there, but after kissing many frogs I found my prince in Arbonne, www.arbonne.com. This pea protein provides the body with 24g. of vegan protein, as well as, 24 g. of vitamins and minerals and is always gluten free.

Give this one a try: 
2 Scoops of Arbonne Vanilla protein powder 
1 scoop of Arbonne fiber 
1 tsp of Almond butter (or half of avocado)
1/4 c. Almond- Coconut milk 
1/4 c. frozen organic red raspberries 
add water to fill.



For comments, concerns or questions about Arbonne, contact Taylor at fourcornersyoga1@gmail.com


Daily Yoga Tip | Standing split

Standing split: practice getting more height using the wall. Softly bend the standing leg to really fold in the hip joint and reach the fingers out to elongate the spine. Stretch, expand, breathe! Then try it without the wall. Imagine the same height is still available to you without an assist. Let the memory of the wall guide your leg higher.

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