Daily Health Tip | Thy Holy Tub

I remember reading a story many years ago on Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis about how she found her place in the Episcopal church. She found peace in the service which was always routine. This constant made her otherwise busy life much more acceptable with the comfort of knowing that the Church would provide a familiar rock for her each time. The same is true with Ayurveda and taking care of your body - after all thy body is the only temple most of us really have to live! By developing a personal nightly ritual for cleansing and healing our bodies from the day we develop a peace that can provide much of the same comfort in routine. One of the first things I discuss with my new clients is developing a "Me Day" a month and also a nightly bath ritual that will provide pampering of the mind, body and soul. There is hardly anything that a hot bath can not cure from a stressful day! "Me Day's" are more lengthy pampering --Full day at the spa, 90 minute hot stone massage, a day in nature, YIN yoga, etc…See where I am going with this? To prepare Thy Holy Tub invest in Dead Sea Salts for the irreplaceable healing properties, or Epsom Salts to add to a nightly bath prepared with much care and love. Add essential oils of lemon, sage and lavender to balance all dosha's and to purify the body while lavender eases the mind. Soak in a hot tub until right before pruning - (about 15 minutes) Then rub Vata, Pitta, or Kapha balancing oil from head to toe -- I use Vata oil through the winter months because it is also warming!


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Daily Yoga Tip | Garudasana

To free up shoulder and neck tension try the arm portion of Eagle pose, Garudasana, on or off the mat. Wrap the arms and drop the elbows and shoulders. Close your eyes. As you exhale visualize neck and upper shoulder tension rolling of your shoulders. Then lift the elbows up (keep shoulders down) and feel the stretch move into the space in between the shoulder blades. Inhale, fill the space with breath, and as you exhale visualize tension fading.

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