Daily Health Tip | You are what you think!

Some days in order to cool the jets running through the mind you literally have to stop, drop and sit. Enter the daily meditation and how supremely important our thoughts are to the way we perceive our own body, our jobs, and ultimately life. Dr. Amen wrote the book, Change Your Brain, Change Your Body , and it was one of the first books recommended to me (by more than one person) on how to re-wire my thought process and renew my perception on life when I began my healing journey in February 2013. 
Once I began to apply this in my life -- 'Tis true!! Results are inevitable. Meditation is the glue that holds our life book together and is the opportune time to "check-in" with our thoughts and what exactly our bodies are telling us. Someone always asks me, "So what am supposed to think about, or How do I... meditate?" Think of it this way….most of us spend hours praying- asking God to heal our mothers, protect our children, send help for financial strains; however, during meditation this is the time to quiet those thoughts and begin to listen for God/Spirt/Allah to speak to you. You see as you drop out of the constant rhetoric of the mind, letting go of the Ego and discover the beating of your heart; there too you shall find the answers. 
Meditation Rx - 20 minutes/day - sitting still with all that is going on within us, around us, to us, for us, etc. Make your meditation seat as comfortable as you wish - and no, you do not have to sit in full Lotus to experience connection with your higher self. Sit up-right, in a comfortable chair or on your yoga mat on a block and relax your shoulders down your back. Focus on your breath and allow time to roll by. I use an APP - "Insight timer" that also provides guided meditations, as well as, provides the total number of how many people around the world I just join in with meditation! That's pretty cool!


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Daily Yoga Tip | Salamba Sarvangasana

Kyle is wearing the Blue Bamboo Circle Tank and Contour Crop Leggings! . . .Shoulderstand (Salamba Sarvangasana), the queen of all poses, helps develop the feminine qualities of patience and emotional stability. Imagine someone is grabbing on to your big toes and lifting them straight up towards the sky. Then swallow a few times to help stimulate your thyroid gland.

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