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by Tracy Squillante | January 20, 2015

Todays Health Tip: "Kapha represents solidity, energy of structure and lubrication in the body..."

Todays Yoga Tip: "they will teach a balance of being of the earth but not in it..."

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by Tracy Squillante | January 19, 2015

Todays Health Tip: "As a matter of fact, in medieval times cinnamon was more valuable than gold..."

Todays Yoga Tip: "Flex your top foot and press you heel away from your head to grow in your spine..."

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by Tracy Squillante | January 17, 2015

Todays Health Tip: "...sugar can be substituted for several noticeable and have positive effects on the body..."

Todays Yoga Tip: "Find a long spine by grounding in your seat and lifting up the lungs and the crown of the head..."

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by Tracy Squillante | January 16, 2015

Daily Health tip | The Beauty of the Coconut

This could be short and sweet, or I could write all day on my love for the Coconut and the multitude of its nutritional uses. I first discovered Coconut oil as a hair mask, then discovered its amazing health benefits when ingested. I use Coconut oil to sauté' vegetables, to make my own face wash, for sunscreen with carrot oil for added protection, and I even give a bite to my sweet pup, LuLu ,to help in her healing process, ward off parasites and give her a beautiful coat. Coconut oil is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral, and provides the body with a healthy dose of good fat - which helps in the absorption of nutrients! I found that a teaspoon before a workout or yoga class is a great natural source of energy and also improves focus and increase metabolism. Coconut water is Mother Nature's natural gatorade and provides the body with potassium and electrolytes to recover after a rigorous workout. Drink up!


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Daily Yoga Tip | Sirsasana

Anyone feeling the winter blues? Headstand, Sirsasana, is your antidote. Nicknamed the “King of Asanas,” headstand has many benefits that make this pose brilliant for any season. In the winter months I find this pose particularly helpful because it flushes your adrenals and boosts your serotonin levels to help elevate your mood. It also works on the lymphatic system, strengthening your immune system.